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Astrology is a great tool to guide you in bringing out the best in your kids. In early childhood, the Moon takes the spotlight in astrology and interpreting a kid’s birth chart, but we can also get a sneak peek at how other planets will play a role in their late teens to adult lives.

Venus, the planet of love and creativity, shows how a child gives and receives love. It’s not just about hearts and flowers, though, because Venus also hints at a kid’s artistic talents.

Understanding Venus in a Child’s Birth Chart

The planet Venus represents our value systems and influences how we express affection and experience love. When it comes to kids, Venus shows up in how they express their affection and satisfaction. 

You can use your child’s Venus placement to determine their favorite activities and their preferred environments. It’s like a guide to understanding how your child recognizes and receives love.

While Venus doesn’t significantly impact a child’s personality right away, the gifts it brings can peek through. A strong Venus placement in their birth chart often means your child has a natural charm that draws people in. 

They might also have a knack for appreciating art, music, or dance. As your child grows up, their Venus placement can be influenced by life experiences and the people they meet.

That’s why it’s so important to get to know your child so you can help them understand themselves better.

Venus in Different Zodiac Signs

Traits and Characteristics of Venus in Each Sign

Like all of the planets, Venus shows off its unique traits differently in each zodiac sign. Whether it’s the fiery vibes of Aries or the caring nature of Cancer, Venus shapes how a child sees love, beauty, and social interactions. 

Venus in a child’s birth chart can show you the style of art they gravitate to and the kind of activities they are into. To connect with your child more, cater to their Venus. 

Here is a brief list of ideas you can do based on the element of the sign Venus is placed in your child’s birth chart.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Write a story together and with younger kids, create a picture book from your story

Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Go outside and discover new parts of nature together

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Do something spontaneous (the more out of YOUR comfort zone it is, the more they’ll appreciate it)

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Something cozy like making a meal or reading a chapter book together

infographic with activity ideas to do with children based on their Venus sign in astrology

Venus in Aspect to Other Planets

In older kids and teens, the placement of Venus in their birth charts becomes more affected by the aspects or connections it makes to the other planets in the birth chart. 

The house Venus is in can show you their values and what they hold in high esteem. 

This can also show you if they’re more or less susceptible to peer pressure. 

If you’re running out of ideas for positive reinforcement, look at how your child’s Venus is connected to Saturn. You can also find what motivates them by looking at their Venus aspect to Mars.

I mentioned that Venus in a child’s birth chart can show their preferred environments. This is important to allow the child to thrive creatively and freely express their emotions. 

For this, you would look at how Venus aspects the Moon, the 5th House (creativity), and the 4th House (Home).

If you’re interested in your child’s relationship to food, you need to find Venus’ connection to Saturn, and Venus’ connection to Jupiter can show how they handle sweets, especially too many!

Venus in Each Zodiac Sign


Aries Venus

Aries Venus children are usually competitive. They may have younger siblings and need reassurance from time to time. 

These kids also love playing games. It’s easier for Aries Venus children to express what things they don’t like, especially if it’s something they experience frequently.  

Aries Venus wants to show their creative side in active ways, by moving their bodies or working on a large project.

Taurus Venus

Taurus Venus children like working with their hands. Try finger painting or pottery to engage more of their senses while they create and share different styles of music and art with them.  

Taurus Venus kids usually prefer to stay near their favorite people and they develop strong attachments to people and things.

Gemini Venus

Gemini Venus kids enjoy showing off their ideas and doing creative activities that require you to work together. 

They usually don’t like big gestures of affection and they like exploring and other mentally stimulating activities.

Cancer Venus

Children with Venus in Cancer can be very sentimental. They enjoy making things for their favorite people and family time. 

Cancer Venus kids also love all things made for comfort. Allow them to have input in decorating their room or playing space.

Leo Venus

Leo Venus kids are here for a great time. Give them the space to entertain you and radiate their joy when it’s showtime. They usually love affection and grand gestures. 

When a child with Venus in Leo is allowed to thrive, other adults may find their joy and confidence to be a trigger for their own insecurities. 

As your Leo Venus child gets older, continually reassure them that they and their talents are wanted. Also, don’t allow people to tell them that they’re too much or should expect less. 

Virgo Venus

Children with a Virgo Venus are the Tinkerbells of the world. They like working with their hands to explore their environment. The act of creating is the most exciting part of any creative experience. 

The Virgo Venus kid in your life may have an interest in collecting. Show your interest in their hobby by giving them something to add to their collection and listen to them while they share about their favorite pieces.

Libra Venus

Libra Venus children enjoy interactive activities like puzzles or gaming. The planet Venus rules Libra and this placement helps the child navigate social interactions better. 

Children with Venus in Libra love to be told how much you love them. 

Like Cancer Venus kids, allowing your Libra Venus child to have a part in decorating their spaces will help them express themselves creatively as well as feel more connected with the space.

Scorpio Venus

Scorpio Venus kids desire strong connections with their favorite people and they can be quite wary about strangers. 

Venus in Scorpio children like to use various forms of art as a way to express their emotions. 

It’s easy to learn what your Scorpio Venus child likes and doesn’t like. You can use this knowledge to help these kids learn how to enforce their boundaries. 

Sagittarius Venus

“Adventure is out there!” That should be the motto for kids with Venus in Sagittarius. These kids usually like to do big things and go to large spaces, like theme parks or a flower patch. 

Sagittarius Venus kids can be very lively when giving affection or being shown affection.


Dancing might be the perfect activity for your active Sagittarius Venus. 

For a younger child, have activities that you can rotate through. They’ll enjoy the novelty of the activity, and the familiarity of it will help keep them grounded. 

Capricorn Venus

Kids with a Capricorn Venus like being outside as long as they can remain comfortable. 

The little Venus in Capricorn kids like to pretend to do big people things like having meetings with stuffed animals and grocery shopping. Older kids might like role-playing or simulation games like The Sims where they can feel in control. 

Capricorn Venus children may be reserved but they still enjoy affection. Try being more nonchalant with a teenager to meet them on their level.

Aquarius Venus

Aquarius Venus children like various activities as long as they can use them in storytelling, like Minecraft or playing make-believe. 

Kids with their Venus in Aquarius are drawn more towards group play but they should be encouraged to have solo play at least one time during the day to decompress. 

Aquarius Venus kids usually do not like big or direct displays of affection.

Pisces Venus 

Pisces Venus children like to have cuddle time with a good book. 

Kids with their Venus in Pisces may seem to not care about creative things until about age 12. 

A lot of Pisces Venus children have a natural inclination for music and they enjoy showing their affection by doing things for others.

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