Learn How People Are Represented in Your Birth Chart

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Your birth chart isn’t only about you. Everyone you encounter in your life has a place in your story. You can get a glimpse of your relationships without a synastry chart just by looking at your own. Some houses and planets represent different people.

People in the Houses

Ten out of twelve astrological houses include people as part of the themes and topics they cover.

1st: self

3rd: cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, close family, and neighbors

4th: father, paternal family, ancestors in spiritual practice

5th: children

6th: employees, clients

7th: romantic partners, professional partners, consultants

8th: deceased

9th: educators, religious leaders, and political leaders

10th: mother, maternal family, supervisors

11th: community, audiences, fans, mentors, and benefactors

Infographic of birth chart wheel with text in each house listing people represented there

People as the Planets

Planets are people too. Well, most of them. Mercury is the only one among the seven traditional planets that does not symbolize individuals or groups of people. 

The Sun represents fathers, husbands, and significant men in your life. The Moon represents mothers, wives, and other significant women in your life. 

Venus represents women, femmes, wives, mothers, and girls. Mars represents men, masculine individuals, and boys. 

Jupiter represents helpful people, spiritualists, and educators. Saturn represents elders and mentors.

Infographic about which planets represent people in astrology

How to Use This Information

Placements in Your Birth Chart

You can use the placements in your chart to find where people have the most significance in your life. For example, if you have a Cancer Moon in your 10th house, women may be the most influential people in your life. 

They are the people you admire and seek advice from. You may also find that most of your supervisors and managers at work are women. Similarly, someone with Jupiter in Virgo in their 9th house may notice that their teachers are always stricter with them and push them harder than their peers. 

Navigating Personal Relationships

If you’re looking for the nature of your relationships with your siblings, look for the ruler of the sign in your third house. 

HERE is a quick reference to the rulers of each zodiac sign. First, you will find the 3rd house and determine the sign. Next, you need to look for the planet that rules that sign and take note of the house it is in. 

For example, someone with a Sagittarius 3rd house will look for the planet Jupiter. If Jupiter is in their 12th house, they may feel physically isolated from their sibling. The relationship is usually close if Jupiter is located in their 6th house. They may also either work together or in similar fields.

Adding Planetary Aspects

Using aspects, the connections between two planets give you even more insights. We can continue to look into the 3rd house with siblings. 

This time with a Gemini Moon opposite a Sagittarius Venus in the 9th house. This person probably has at least two sisters (or close girl cousins), and because the Moon is in a favorable position, the tension created by the opposition is easily tamed. 


You can use these same techniques with planetary transits. As you track the planets and their movement across the sky, you can observe the way they interact with your houses and native planetary placements. 

These techniques can also be used to repair and strengthen the relationships you have, as well as help you learn what you bring into people’s lives. 

Part of growing spiritually is understanding the people around us and the impact we have on each other’s lives. Astrology is just one of the tools we’re given to help us with this. 

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