A Beginner’s Guide to Connecting with Spirit Guides

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Introduction to Spirit Guides

What if I told you that the angel on your shoulder is actually there? Well, not in the same way they show up for Kronk in Emperor’s New Groove, but they’ve been dropping hints your entire life.

Different Types of Spirit Guides

Before I tell you how to meet your spiritual entourage, we need to be sure that you know what a spirit guide is. These supernatural mentors manifest in various forms, each holding a unique role in helping you navigate this human experience. 

One group of spirits that people don’t usually ascribe to being spirit guides are Ancestors. Ancestors are the spirits of any person who loved you during your time here on Earth and any passed-on elders who chose to continue caring for their lineage. 

They are not limited to only family members by blood. An ancestor can be a family friend, friend, mentor, teacher, or child. 

There are also animal spirit guides, which are not to be confused with spirit animals, which are sacred to various indigenous cultures. 

You encounter these spirits when you step outside and make eye contact with a squirrel, and you feel like it’s trying to tell you something. (It probably was, and you’ll be ready next time.)

Next, we have Angels. I personally include all celestial beings under this category, including deities. It’s important to note that not all spiritual practices recognize their deities as spirit guides but as separate, higher beings.

Understanding Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are not your sidekicks. It’s more like having your life coach on speed dial. They have divine roles and purposes, one of which is to help lead you toward your life’s purpose.

As they try to navigate us through life, spirit guides offer guidance and support. I say “try” because spirits cannot force us to make decisions. Also, if you’re unaware of your spirit guides’ presence or decide to ignore it, the signs and messages they send won’t reach you.

How They Communicate

Your strongest spiritual gift usually determines how your spirit guide communicates with you. The most common ones are clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance. 

Spirit guides have a knack for sending messages in unique ways (but not through that random person in your DMs telling you they have an urgent message from Spirit for you. Never them.)

You can have one spiritual gift or all of them, but your spirit guide will still communicate in whatever way it’s easiest for you to receive the message. 

If you are clairvoyant or have clear vision, your guide might communicate by sending you literal signs. 

These are times like when you’re sitting in your car and glance at a billboard ahead with a message that feels like it’s just for you. Clairvoyant people also often receive messages in their dreams.

Clairaudience, which is clear hearing, may seem like it means you hear the spirit directly, but that’s not always the case. 

Have you ever turned on your TV, and the first words that came from it answered the question you were asking yourself or a friend called you and told you the exact words you needed to uplift your spirit? That’s clairaudience.

Claircognizance was the most challenging gift for me to decipher for myself. It means “clear knowing”. This is when you just know something. 

Have you ever felt that you shouldn’t travel down a particular road, and later, you found out there were miles of construction that would have made you 30 minutes late to work? That feeling was claircognizance.

Infographic titled Use Your Spiritual Gifts to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Establishing a Connection with Your Spirit Guides

I’m sure you’re wondering how to start receiving messages from your spirit guides on purpose. 

First things first, you need to tune in. Like a radio dial, you must find the right frequency for the message to come through clearly. This is done by practicing meditation and mindfulness.

Now that you’re aware of your spirit guides, you’re already much closer to connecting with them than you realize. Combining this awareness with intentional meditation signals to your spirit guide that you want to form a relationship with them.

Meditation Practices

If you want to practice meditation more traditionally, guided meditation exercises are an excellent way to begin.

Guided meditations are led by a guide either in person, on audio, or in a video. You can find guided meditations on YouTube or on apps like Insight Timer.

In my previous post about meditation and mindfulness for beginners, I mentioned that meditation doesn’t need to be sitting silently with your eyes closed. You can meditate while you shower, exercise, or do a hobby.

Set your intention for the moment and breathe. Don’t try to force the messages to come. You’re building a new relationship and need time to get used to their energy.

Strengthening the Connection

You need to know your spirit guides’ energy before you reach out for messages because you can get messages from anyone, but you won’t be sure which one is from your guide.

Knowing their energy also helps you build trust with your spirit team and yourself.

If you trust your ability to sense your guides’ energy, you can rely on yourself to make the proper judgment when unsure if a sign is meant for you.

Building trust with your spirit guides is a journey of faith and acceptance. It starts with acknowledging the subtle nudges and guidance they offer.

Pay attention to the synchronicities, recurring symbols, or intuitive thoughts you receive when you feel them in your presence.

When you trust your instincts and the signs they send, it allows for the relationship to flourish.

Remember, spirit guides’ love and wisdom for you is unconditional. They will never influence you to go against your highest design.

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